Ellipsis ...

حذفش کردم... دوباره ساختمش...



Disasters of which some might be ruined



...Desperately irrelevant to life

Hermes: you've mentioned this before...idiot! No mercy! (Pointing thumb downward)

Me: have I?!

         (Giggling) aPologiessss!

        (Turning pages distressed) yup, here...

        (Clearing throat)

...Irrelevantly desperate of life

Hermes: (shuddered) shut the f uppppp! (Pointing both thumbs downward)

Me: (terrified) please! Your Majesty...pleases...moment...

(Throwing the notes away, hesitantly getting the rhythm)


حالا دارم می خونم می بینم که ما این بالا شما هم همون پایین
منو دست به دست می برین ولم کنین د بابا بذارینم زمین

Hermes: (admirably amazed shaking the head) go on babe...

Me: (A little confident now)

دخی من قدم بلندم
زدم پخ تو سرت بخیه ببندن
تو میگی من دهنمو ببندم
نه نمیشه چرا بقیه نبندن؟


Hermes: cheers!

(both now have got the rhythm, spending joyful moments)


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